Mi Camino

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Mi Camino:
This is my journey and I am happy to share it with you!

       "A picture is worth a thousand words

Born in Valencia, Venezuela. My name is a combination of my parents' names:
Douglas and Alina

My brother Danilo was born! Two month later enjoying salty water:

Between 1998 and 1999.
Carnival was a big thing and... I have always loved colors!

Four years old me receiving the first "certificate" in Kindergarten.

The year when I held a violin for the first time. My child memories start from this point.

After a recital at the Mozarteum Caracas with my former teacher and mentor Rubén Camacho.

Playing in the conservatory orchestra of Carabobo next to another of my violin teachers, Maria Vadell.

My first trip on a plane. I flew to Germany to take part in a music festival and 
I was lucky enough to win a violin!

My first concert as a soloist. Playing Spring by A. Vivaldi.
(You can still find the video on YouTube).

Mendelssohn Violin Concerto with the  Conservatory Orchestra of Carabobo.

Rehearsing Brahms Violin Concerto for a concert with the Venezuelan Philarmonic at the Teresa Carreño Theatre.

Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto with the Venezuela Symphony Orchestra at Teresa Carreño Theatre.

Mozarteum Caracas Chamber Orchestra. Playing as concertmaster for the first time. What an honour it was for me!

Enjoying the Viennese wind! This year was very important because I passed the audition at the MUK and moved to Vienna 

(alone!) to study under Gernot Winischhofer.

I was invited to the Euroasia Competition in Tokio. Even though I didn't make it past the second round, I enjoyed the magic of the Japanese spring.

After a concert in a Viennese heuriger with my pianist friend Joseph Ávila. We currently have two musical projects together: Tocuyito Trio and Bululú.

I did a student exchange semester in Turku, Finland.
IT WAS COLD! But I enjoyed it and learnt a lot!

Back in Austria; My first hike! With Lukas, my boyfriend at the time and my husband now <3

I am a Bachelor of Arts!

Later in 2017...
I began my Master Studies at Mozarteum University under the guidance of Benjamin Schmid

One of my most cherished musical projects was born: Tocuyito Trio. Together with my brother, Danilo and Joseph.

In 2018 I also participated in different violin competitions where I won several prizes, among them a bow at the Ysaye Violin Competition.

Crazy year! (In the best sense of the word). I got to play with musicians I admire, I got my master degree and I married Lukas.
This CD was part of my master thesis.

What a year! Lockdown hello!
Some concerts here and there but most of the time was spent at home with Lukas and my plants.

End of 2020
Next to concertmaster and fellow venezuelan Giovanni Guzzo. Playing a last concert with Camerata Salzburg before the second Lockdown

We did two beautiful video productions together with Jeunesse. You find it here and here

Coming Soon